The Ace Hotel Palm Springs

With the 2017 #superbloom buzz, and Coachella coming up, Palm Springs is hotter than ever. Check out my review of the famous Ace Hotel.

My Friend Staci

Not terribly long after The Bucket List came out, I learned of The Ace Hotel in Palm Springs. Until this point I didn’t know there was anything cool in Palm Springs, and I had certainly never heard of a young person spending any time there. After looking into it, staying at The Ace was now on my newly-forming “bucket list.” Fast forward what, like 5+ years? Thanks to a coupon code, we made it happen for July 2015.

Ace Palm Springs

There are people out there who don’t understand staying in cool/nice hotels “just ’cause” when they could book a Super 8 for half the price. I don’t think that type of person has ever laid poolside at The Ace for two days with zero responsibilities and no itinerary. I really do like doing things on vacation (gimme the Freedom Trail in Boston or the whole slew of Smithsonian museums in DC any day), but…

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