Holy Matcha: Yummy Coffee Alternative

The shop that launched a zillion Instagrams just celebrated their one month anniversary.

Holy Matcha

I’ll mention the decor (which was the real showstopper) first, and then get to the drinks and snacks second.

Holy Matcha

Wow! It’s so pretty inside and smells amazing. They have fresh flowers everywhere. If there were ever a café interior designed specifically on trends, it would be this one… Palm wallpaper is so 2017. Pink or “blush” is so 2017. Combine them and you get this charming shop. Everything about it is pretty, pretty, pretty. Even the water station.

Holy Matcha

This was not my first time stopping by. The first time I came (grand opening weekend), the line was way out the door around noon on a Sunday. I gave up and got a matcha latte at a nearby coffee shop instead. #introvertproblems. This time, it was mid-morning on a weekday and I didn’t have to wait for anybody and my drink and donut got served up by the time I was done chatting with the staff and paying.

Holy Matcha

The shop owner, who was running the front counter, informed me that they had traditional-style matcha (a drink made from matcha, or green tea powder) or sweeter grab-and-go style matcha lattes and horchata. I was planning on getting the traditional style drink until I heard about the horchata—haha! The horchata was yummy, sweet, and very light. Naturally I had to get a donut, too, which had matcha icing with powder sprinkled over it. The powder by itself is bitter which was a nice contrast to the moist cake donut.

If I worked in this neighborhood I’m sure I’d be stopping in for a to-go drink as a fun and yummy alternative to an iced latte. Seating is pretty limited but I snagged a spot by the front window. Everyone inside was taking instagrams of their treats and I eavesdropped on some mom bloggers next to me. It was really blogger central!

Holy Matcha
3118 University Ave,
San Diego
, CA 92104
(card only, no cash)

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