Reader Poll: What do you like to read?

Happy Tuesday! I hope you had a good Memorial Day weekend, if you’re in the U.S., or if you’re in another country, I hope you’ve simply had a pleasant recent string of days.

It has been a wonderful first four months here at The Voyageer. I’ve grown the blog’s readership, I am having a great time discovering all kinds of interesting travel blogs thanks to the weekly link parties I participate in, and have added many new parts of the world to add to my never-ending “I’ve gotta go there next” list!

The Ace Hotel Palm Springs

Writing is something that comes naturally to me, but I still put lots of hard work into my posts. Today I’m wondering if there is something that draws you in to your favorite travel blogs. As a writer, I like using variety of styles (it keeps me eager to create more content for you guys) and as a voracious reader, well, I’ll read just abut anything… but I’m curious if one post style outweighs the others in your opinion.

Thank you so much for voting and for continuing to stop by. I’m still growing this blog in fits and spurts, and haven’t nailed down my normal posting schedule yet (even though I’m trying to). To get notified every time I publish something new, follow on instagramfacebook or bloglovin‘ or subscribe by email!

I would be nothing without you, readers! <3


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