How I use Bloglovin’ to follow my favorite blogs

Earlier this week, I got back from 5 days in Kansas and when I opened up my laptop my inbox was out. of. control. How dare the world keep moving along while I took time to unplug? Indeed the world moved right along and now here we are at Friday. As I was pondering the way that information surges past us all the time, it got me thinking about how I use Bloglovin’ to follow my favorite blogs and ensure that I don’t miss a post. Then I thought I ought to share with you!

Follow your interests

Bloglovin’ is a tool that allows you to subscribe to blogs, but unlike Facebook or Twitter, the unread items stick around until you get the chance to read them. You also have the option to clear them out without reading, if things stack up too much.

Like bingeing your favorite show

Sometimes I don’t even have time in a day to read blogs. Other times I’m not interested in that particular topic that day. Some websites put out so much content it’s impossible to keep up. Those are the blogs I like to binge. I make myself a yummy cup of coffee and power through a couple weeks’ worth of Design*Sponge home tours or catch up on Kim’s recent home progress. Can you tell I started blogging in the home design sphere before coming over to travel writing?

Follow me

Posting twice a week is my goal. However, just in case I go another week in between updates, go ahead and get signed up & give me a follow. That way you’ll be sure my post will be waiting for you when you log on.

As always, I invite you to follow me on Instagram and Facebook, in addition to Bloglovin’ so you will be notified when I publish new content.


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