Tijuana brands for Instagram Eye Candy

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If you’re like me, you use different social media channels for different reasons. Facebook is for close friends, Twitter is for news and comedy, and Instagram is eye candy. Of course, I use instagram to find cool stuff in new cities but when a shop/restaurant has an awesome feed I add them to my normal rotation.

Here are 5 brands you should follow immediately:

1. Nativo Coffee – Each time I cross the border, Nativo is my first stop. They make me smile each morning when I open my phone.

2. Alma Verde – Alma Verde puts together amazing and delicious food; they are especially known for brunch and fresh pressed juices.

3. Malvia Coffee Bar – I haven’t been here yet, but have been following them on insta for a few weeks. I don’t think you could get a more perfectly millennial feed.

4. Insurgente – TJ’s preeminent craft brewery often posts specials and events. I follow them because their graphic design is seriously on point.

5. Electric Coffee Roasters – Yes, sure, a third coffee shop on this list. When you see their pictures you’ll know why, though. If you want your latte pics with a side of moodiness, check them out.

I’m always looking for new accounts to follow. Link them in the comments or tag me over on instagram! My username is @TheVoyageer.



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