Fanny Pack Fashion

Waist pack – hip bag – fanny pack … Lots of names, but we all know what we’re talking about here.


My entire family with fanny packs. Thanks mom and dad


I’m going to go out on a limb here and bet that 90% of you reading this post don’t own a fanny pack. This relic of the 90s has tried to resurface in recent years, but I think that Summer 2018 is the season that fanny packs break through into the mainstream. Also? Urban Outfitters is calling them “sling bags” and showing models with the packs across their chest. Uh, I guess it’s an option?

Two weekends ago, I wore a fanny pack to the San Diego Pride Parade (this brand), and then used it again the next day when I went out to watch the World Cup Final. It held the essentials – my keys, phone, and credit/ID card. All week long, I went to transfer my things back to my purse but couldn’t bring myself to do it. I’m now totally obsessed with the hands-free lifestyle.

With most of these options in the $20-30 range, it’s not too bad of a seasonal impulse buy, either. Here are 9 options so you too can enjoy fanny pack bliss.

Fanny Pack Fashion 2018

  1. Some concerts and festivals now have clear bag only policies.
  2. Primary colors, goes well with the Great Outdoors
  3. Herschel’s products are always well-constructed and classy.
  4. Rareform makes bags out of billboard vinyl, and no two are alike!
  5. You know a company named Bumbag is all-in on this trend.
  6. Leather, for channeling The Rock.
  7. A more subtle, slender leather option.
  8. Adidas always keeps things classic (available in 3 colors).
  9. We all know that denim goes with everything.

None of these are affiliate links, but know that you can use my eBags link to get $10 off your first purchase ($25 and up) and I’ll get $10 too.

Be honest… are you on the fanny pack train? Or will it take a little more convincing? Let me know in the comments!


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  1. I am not on the train because I got burnt out wearing them as a kid. However, your post is making me consider one for our upcoming new travel adventures. We shall see! Great post!

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