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Over here at The Voyageer I am really excited about opening the floor to guest contributors.

The internet makes it easier than ever to consume a diverse, unlimited amount of content. I know I’m addicted to scrolling, double-tapping, and keeping up with a large number of bloggers daily. Here’s my theory: the antidote to content consumption is creation. I am talking about creating your own writing, poems, art, photography! I know creativity is hard for some but I love encouraging people to process thoughts, feelings, and memories especially through writing. If you love traveling and would like to share your experience, please consider sending something my way.

“The antidote to content consumption is creation”

For some examples, you can check out some guest posts by viewing everything written by the Voyageer Contributor Team.


Article or post types I love to feature regularly:

Essay-style: these can be more personal and more thoughtful or introspective

“Hot Spots” if you’ve just visited a cool neighborhood or store, here is your chance to tell the world about it!

Itineraries: this can be your chance to set up one perfect day in your hometown or favorite city

Less-traveled locations: Global or local, I would love the chance to feature small towns or something offbeat. Share something cool close to home or something we’ve never heard of!

Planning and Writing

I’d like to feature a guest contribution on this blog as many Fridays as possible. If you have a story or article you’d like to send my way, please use the contact form to send me a brief summary. Make sure to let me know if it has appeared somewhere before (if it has that’s not a deal-breaker, it’s just something I want to be aware of). I’ll let you know if you’re a good fit… and I’m nice, so the odds are in your favor.

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