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I think most would agree with me that collaboration is one of the best things about the internet (that, and cute animal videos). I’ve been active online for 15+ years and have made friendships that span the earth. We are more globally interconnected than ever in history. Let’s work together.

Content Creation or Sponsored Posts

Writing comes naturally to me, I’ve spent years in sales and customer service, and I love staying on the cutting edge of tomorrow’s trends. Packages can include product reviews, me writing for your site, you sponsoring a post on my site, some kind of combination, oh and social media is always in play. Let’s get creative. Contact me for rates and negotiations.


If you are a Southern California or Tijuana based shop, restaurant, or other business looking for some fresh photography, I would love to work with you. Over 95% of the photos on The Voyageer are taken by me, so if you’ve looked around my site a bit you’ll know my crisp and vibrant photography style. Let’s talk.

Blog Swap

Sometimes a fresh voice is just what you need to energize you. Or, a spare post in the back pocket comes in clutch when we’re staring down deadlines. If you want to write something to appear on The Voyageer, check out my Your Writing page. If you’d like me to write for you in exchange, email me. If we’re a good fit, let’s do something good together.


Voyageer Visitors Map

  • Readers are approximately 66% female and 33% male identifying.
  • They predominantly fall in the 25-35 age range.

Are you a blogger, business, or brand representative who would like to collaborate with The Voyageer? Please contact me to get started.