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Do you ever get overwhelmed when planning a vacation or even just dreaming about upcoming trips? I certainly love having lots of options but narrowing it all down while the trip approaches is so important for me to focus my excitement and decide what is actually reasonable to fit in.

Summer is coming, fast, which means you may have started thinking about summer vacation. It’s important to take advantage of paid days (if you have a job that provides them) because rest, or at least a change of scenery, is hugely important to beat the office blues. America in particular has a huge problem with workers who don’t take advantage of leave. I find vacation days, or even staycation days, motivating. Chasing that PTO every normal humdrum day at work, if you want to think about it that way. Each day I show up and do my best, I’m that much closer to my next vacation.

Here, you’ll find three downloadable sheets you can use to help you plan your next vacation! Please use them and let me know how they streamlined your trip planning process.

The first of my Downloadable Trip Planning Sheets is a budgeting worksheet.

One of my biggest life hacks, when it comes to booking trips, is to make my initial projection high, and then come in under budget. That way if I’m only $5 under budget, then everything turned out according to plan. If I scored an incredible last-minute deal and came in $300 under budget? That is money I can put towards other stuff (like saving for the next trip)!

Budget 1

I made a lot of lines here. If you plan on camping in the wilderness two nights and then staying in a hotel two nights, there is room for that. If you plan on flying to Berlin and then taking the train to Prague, there is room for that. Lots of workspace!

Budget Sheet Download
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The second of my Downloadable Trip Planning Sheets is an itinerary planner.

The itinerary planner is for a 5-day vacation, which I think is a good length. For a three day getaway, this level of planning might be overkill (or not—you know, download, print, and plan away, you’ll be surprised how much you can fit in). Think of each square as about 4 hours. That leaves 8 hours per day to wind down, sleep, get up and get the cobwebs out, then start the next day!

If you want a longer trip itinerary sheet, reach out to me and I’ll see what I can do. I’m currently sketching up different day lengths.

Itinerary 1

You can use pencil and erase as you move daily goals around, or do what Doug and I did last year when we went to Europe—use mini sticky notes to rearrange things from day to day, until landing on a schedule you like, then copy it down in pen.

Itinerary Sheet Download
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The third of my Downloadable Trip Planning Sheets is a bucket list!

Because who wouldn’t want to write their bucket list down and then post it by their mirror? Don’t they say that visualizing your goals helps you achieve them? I’ve got a column for the goal, then one for whether it’s short term or a long term one, and lastly one for you to write the date you’ve completed the item!  Organize it how you choose: make it messy with doodles, or pretty with gel pens and stickers.

Bucket List Sheet Download
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I would love to make more stuff like this available. Do you have any comments or special requests for batch number two?

Don’t know where to begin? How about my “First Time Visiting” series: GuanajuatoLondonMexico CityParis, San Diego

All 3 Sheets
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  1. What a cool idea! Thanks for these. I’m living in the US right now and I just don’t understand how they don’t take more holidays. Honestly, I would go crazy if I didn’t take some time off every year. #WeekendWanderlust

    • Thanks for stopping by Katherine! I wish we had more generous paid vacation, but I certainly take advantage of what I have 😉

  2. These are AWESOME!! I always end up writing and rewriting lists and things to remember when it comes to trips. These are great and so beautiful! Great work my friend.

    • I use the notes app on my phone too but it’s always a disorganized brain dump! Just can’t let go of pen and paper 😉 Thanks for stopping by!

  3. So nice of you to share these templates. I am a big planner so I always complete an itinerary before I travel. Currently my bucket list is just in my head, but I think it could be a lot of fun to write it down and use your template. Thanks for sharing on #TheWeeklyPostcard.

  4. This American LOVES my travel days and so does my hubby. None of that nonsense of working too much. LOL We are about to embark on an 18 day road trip to California with our three kids (ages 10, 6, and 4) so yeah, travel and craziness are our middle names. Your sheets could come in handy as I”m beginning to freak out about having to pack for five for 18 days in a state that we will definitely experience all four seasons. California has had CRAAAAZY AMOUNTS of snow this year but we are gonna be in southern CA too and the coast and the mountains. So much to think about and try to pack light (yeah right). Thx for the sheets!!

  5. Mini sticky notes! #Genius. Being expats from the tech world, we tend to rely on Excel, but sometimes good old paper & pencil rocks. Especially with mini sticky notes! (Can you tell we love that idea?) Thanks for sharing on #TheWeeklyPostcard.

    • Glad you like the sticky note idea. I am such a pen and paper kind of person. I use them to write down all my desired places to eat, things to see, etc, then try to squeeze them all in to the itinerary. It actually makes me plan my time more realistically!

  6. Really useful planning sheets – i am trying to plan a 15 – 25 day (not sure how long yet) so will give them a go! Love the little post it note idea too. Would add a daily budget box in too – trying to gauge the prices of each day with hotels, tours etc so a daily total at the side then weekly at the bottom would be really helpful.Will give them a go and let you know how my planning goes! #weekendwanderlust

  7. Great idea, although in our family we console ourselves with the line that all you really need is a passport and credit card. The lack of stress makes it easier to remember all the phone chargers and different plugs you really need. My lifestyle has changed since I moved to Copenhagen and I find myself travelling every two to three weeks. seem to have got it down but even as I write this am thinking why do I just not have a make up /spnge bag permanently packed? Than ks for sharing on #theweeklypostcard

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