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Flashback to 10 years ago. I started college in Point Loma, San Diego and commuted down Rosecrans Street every day. A unique-looking vintage hotel out the right window caught my eye each and every time as I headed to class. I always imagined what it was like inside and dreamed of staying there. I now know that The Pearl had at that time (2007) recently completed their renovation of a 1961 hotel and made it into a true gem (okay, pearl) right in the heart of the peninsula.

Pearl 6

As a lover of all things mid-century modern, I can’t get over it when businesses take something old and make it better than before, while still staying true to the era. The Pearl achieves this and more. Their lounge, heated saltwater pool, and restaurant are all top notch while staying on-brand with 60s lounge jazz and old episodes of Tom and Jerry or Sean Connery-era James Bond movies playing silently on TVs.

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Locals love The Pearl for staycations or simply for dinner or weekend brunch (summer weekends from 10-2). I can personally attest that their restaurant is my go-to when I want dinner that’s a little more special. Or brunch in the sun. Or cheap tacos on Taco Tuesday. Honestly I can come up with a million reasons to eat there, and then some! Their nightlife is poppin. Every Wednesday at 8 p.m. they have a dive-in movie, and each time I’ve been to the dive-in, it has been packed including people who come in costume. They also host bingo nights (the last Thursday of every month—reservations for this are snatched up quickly).

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When it comes to San Diego hotels, many people tend to choose between downtown, Mission Valley, and Mission Beach/Bay. Personally I’d rather stay here because it’s a quick drive to the airport, close to Shelter Island, just a hop over to Ocean Beach, and has a truly local feel due to its neighborhood setting.

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The Pearl has been featured time and time again as a standout boutique hotel that doesn’t break the bank. That said, check out their wallet saver page for ways to save at their restaurant even if you aren’t checked in.

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1410 Rosecrans St, San Diego, CA 92106

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  1. This place looks so fun! I love the way they’re not strictly a hotel for travelers but engage the existing community as well.

  2. Dive-in movies sound awesome – a flashback to my childhood! I’m hoping to get to San Diego this year so will mark this as a hotel to check out 😀

    • Their prices are good and they often have specials! If you don’t stay there, I’d still recommend stopping by the restaurant/lounge in the evening 🙂

  3. OOh looks like such a nice hotel! I’d say I would love to stay here, but as I’m from SD, my friends and family would never tolerate us staying in a hotel! haha Thanks for sharing on #TheweeklyPostcard!

  4. Would definitely check it out especially for taco tuesday and the dive in movies! Thanks for sharing on #TheWeeklyPostcard

  5. Fun! I love unique hotels, and this will make a great place to stay next time we go to San Diego! #theweeklypostcard

  6. I love love love “vintage” hotels! We are big fans of Mid-Century Modern, too (so we go nuts in Miami Beach and Palm Springs!) and love a hotel with a vibe like the Pearl. We would love to head back to San Diego, so this just might be in our plans. 🙂 Thanks for linking up on #TheWeeklyPostcard!

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