A quick Cross Border Xpress update

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I traveled with Doug and a couple of friends, and like we did last time we used the Cross Border Xpress (CBX) to fly from Tijuana to central Mexico. Just like last time, it was so easy. Perhaps easier than the first time since I knew what to expect.

CBX at 1pm on a Wednesday

Cross Border Xpress Recap

Entering the CBX is just like waking into an airport terminal. The airlines even have counters there where you can check in and print out boarding passes if you haven’t already. You need a boarding pass (paper or smartphone) plus the CBX pass to use the bridge that ends at the TIJ airport.

A CBX person will check your 1) boarding pass, 2) passport, and 3) CBX ticket before letting you through. If you are not a Mexican citizen, you must fill out 4) an immigration form available from the front desk.

You pass through a duty-free shop, but I’m not sure these items are exempt from any carry-on liquid volume rules, since after crossing via CBX there is another airline desk (if checking bags) and then standard airport security.

After the duty-free shop, your passport and immigration card will be reviewed by Mexican customs. After this, the famous skywalk bridge that crosses the US/MX border and empties you out into the main entryway to the Tijuana airport where you can find restaurants and more, and of course airport security and boarding gates.

Xochimilco 1
More accessible than ever!


The price has gone up since I first wrote last year. A round-trip ticket purchased in advance is $30. One-way tickets are $16.

The fact that a CBX shuttle will pick up and drop off at Downtown San Diego and San Ysidro (for an additional charge) is more obviously promoted and I think it’s a great option since taking a taxi/lyft/uber to the border adds a big cost to using this innovative service.

We flew in and out midday this time, instead of in the evening. The CBX terminal was much calmer and there were no lines whatsoever. The Tijuana airport had some lines but not more than normal airport traffic.

Have you used the CBX yet? If you live in a border community, have you seen any innovations streamlining transit and promoting cross-country partnerships?

Photographs by Staci Jackson for The Voyageer.


Staci blogs about travel at TheVoyageer.com.


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