Visiting The Strand, a Famous New York Bookstore

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As a book lover, I make it a point to pop into used bookstores during my travels and I’ve even blogged about another famous one (Powell’s in Portland, OR). Today, I would like to introduce you to the Strand Bookstore in the East Village neighborhood of New York City!

The store is on 12th and Broadway, less than half a mile from Washington Square Park. “Walking distance” means different things to different people, but we did walk from our hotel (The Ace, of course) with many stops to check out other city sights along the way. I’ve got more blog posts on the way about what I did in NYC!

The Strand Bookstore

Especially on a cold rainy or snowy day, stopping in here is a great way to spend time in the city. You’ll find tourists and locals alike united by their love of books. Peruse bargain books on carts outside or drop some serious cash on rare first-editions. Or, you know, buy normal priced books from the (literal miles of) shelves that seem to be never-ending.

One thing I like to do while traveling is choose a book representative of the city or region I’m visiting. That way the trip can follow you home and you can extend the vibe even when you return to your everyday life.

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The Strand is famous due to it’s slogan, “18 miles of books.” According to Wikipedia, the inventory on their shelves is closer to 23 miles of books, but 18 has stuck for so long that the business is keeping it. The Strand sells both new and used books‚ÄĒsome of my favorite souvenirs are used books from stores such as this. They also sell additional product mostly consisting of book-themed things such as bags, puzzles, mugs and more. Some of their sidelines are New York City themed to capture the tourist crowd. I got a ceramic version of the classic blue and white New York coffee cup.

A man looks over his shoulder. He is standing in front of a map showing the different sections of the 4 floors of the Strand bookstore.

Much like Powell’s, the store is so large they provide maps to help shoppers find just the right thing. However, the friendly staff can also check their computers to see if a particular title is in stock and then direct you where to find it.

If you want to support this family-owned bookstore, you can shop online here. You can also support local indie bookstores near you by shopping on!

828 Broadway at 12th Street
New York, NY 10003

Visiting New York

I am working on a 4-day New York itinerary based on my visit earlier this year, but for now here are some great blog posts that will help you curate a visit!

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