The Neon Museum in Las Vegas

I shared a photo in my last post, but I really needed to give the Neon Museum in Las Vegas its own writeup. Ever since my tour, this museum is the #1 thing I’ve been telling people to check out when in the area. I mean, look at this stuff! Even on a cloudy day that threatened rain, the Neon Museum was vibrant and engaging. … Continue reading The Neon Museum in Las Vegas


Escape to Las Vegas in the Winter

When people think of Vegas, they think of gambling, clubbing, and lounging by the pool. What if I told you there was plenty to do in Sin City when the pool is closed and without losing all of your money? I highly recommend visiting Las Vegas in the Winter as a fun way to inject some color into the grayest of seasons. December 2015 It’s … Continue reading Escape to Las Vegas in the Winter

Seven Magic Mountains

It seems like Instagram opportunities are everywhere you look. I mean, a beautiful breakfast or a fun tile floor can qualify especially since IG is an app that lets you post whatever you feel like. It also seems like there are opportunities created just for the ‘gram like The Museum of Ice Cream or Color Factory. And then there are candy colored boulders stacked in the … Continue reading Seven Magic Mountains