Post #100 certainly sneaked up on me! As such, I didn’t really have a chance to spend time in reflection or come up with snazzy infographics to comemorate the past 99 posts. I shared a look back at The Voyageer back in January when I reached my one-year anniversary. Reaching 1 year was a great moment for me since many blogs taper off after a … Continue reading #100


A Look Back at The Voyageer in 2017

Happy New Year! 2017 has had a lot of ups and downs for almost everyone I know. One of the highlights for me this year was launching The Voyageer and finally having an outlet for my travel writing. Some of you know that I have blogged about “home and lifestyle” topics (whatever I felt like; unfocused) for many years. This new site was founded with the … Continue reading A Look Back at The Voyageer in 2017

The Voyageer Needs YOUR Stories!

Hey Dudes! (And Ladies! I’m from California so I can call everybody ‘dude’) I am working on a series that I’m really excited about: I’m opening the floor to guest contributors. My husband Doug has already written a post for The Voyageer, and since he’s my favorite travel buddy there will probably be more posts from him in the future. I have another guest contribution … Continue reading The Voyageer Needs YOUR Stories!