Merry Christmas 2017

Whether it’s cold or warm where you are, I hope you are able to have a lovely Christmas with those you love. Missed the window for Christmas? It’s not too late to send New Year’s greetings with Minted (affiliate). As for me, travel plans changed unexpectedly. I find myself at home with a wounded doggo: he has a combined total of about 40 stitches. This … Continue reading Merry Christmas 2017


Why I Didn’t Finish Angels Landing

Last May I visited Zion National Park; the funny thing was that a disproportionately large number of my friends and acquaintances also visited earlier in the year. Seems like it was “the” park of 2017! As the trip approached, every conversation seemed to meander around to Angels Landing, one of Zion’s most famous hikes. The hike has a ton of buzz because, to get to … Continue reading Why I Didn’t Finish Angels Landing