Dressing for Disney

When I went to Disneyland last week, I knew I wanted a cute outfit to wear while I was there. Dressing up for Disneyland isn’t required—It’s easy to get hot and sweaty under the summer sun, after all—but I wanted to celebrate my trip with something Disney-appropriate. This post contains some affiliate links. What surprised me the most was that a lot of people had … Continue reading Dressing for Disney


Visiting Paris? Stay in Le Marais.

Joyeuse Fête Nationale! Happy Bastille Day! How’s this for a little taste of France… come back next week for the things you must do the first time you visit Paris!  I’ve been to Paris 4 times so far. With a whole world calling me, why do I keep coming back? Because even despite difficulties, I always get this feeling like I truly belong there. Could … Continue reading Visiting Paris? Stay in Le Marais.

Viewing London by Sightseeing Bus

Last summer when London made it onto our travel plan, I was excited at the prospect of visiting a new city. I was also also unsure of what to expect, since I’m not really an Anglophile and have always been more interested in French or American history. Doug had visited the UK before, but didn’t feel expert enough to act as tour guide. So, as … Continue reading Viewing London by Sightseeing Bus

An Arsenal Fan Visits Emirates Stadium

Among the thousands of attractions London has to offer, visiting Emirates Stadium offers a modern and refreshing change of scenery. Situated in north London, more specifically the Islington borough, Emirates Stadium is a 60,000 seat, state of the art football stadium (soccer for us colonials) that boasts some of the best amenities and exciting action the sport has to offer. It is home to Arsenal … Continue reading An Arsenal Fan Visits Emirates Stadium

Indulging Your Niche Interests in London

You guys. London is such a big city and there is so much to do, that it is impossible (and expensive!) to try doing it all! While I already rounded up must-dos when visiting London for the first time, there is so much more to explore. I’ve broken down some interesting things to check out to spice up your trip and target your niche interests. Literature: … Continue reading Indulging Your Niche Interests in London