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Culture Clues & How-To’s: Japanese Onsen

This post on visiting a Japanese onsen is from a member of the Voyageer Contributor Team, Doug. Find out how to have your post featured here! One of the experiences I looked forward to when we were planning our trip to Japan was to visit a Japanese onsen. Onsen are bath houses traditionally heated by geothermal water (hot springs). Japanese onsen culture… [read more]

Exploring the Best of Osaka in Two Days + Where to Stay

Osaka is among the most frequently visited cities in Japan. The beat of Osaka pulses towards modernity when compared to Kyoto, which favors tradition. (Read how to spend three days in Kyoto). There truly is something for everyone, and it should be included on your Japan itinerary. In this guide, I have included budget-friendly recommendations, local cuisine, and more. Here’s… [read more]