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Don’t Skip Madrid When Planning Your Europe Vacation

When I visited Europe on a multi-country itinerary, Madrid was the final stop. I didn’t know what to expect: my husband and I added it to the list because a dear college friend of ours was living there at the time. Barcelona gets most of the attention when speaking about Spanish vacations, and I get

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A Day Trip in Queretaro, Mexico

This post on Queretaro is from Rachel, a member of the Voyageer Contributor Team. Find out how to have your post featured here! Queretaro is a very safe, centrally located city in Mexico and is home to a number of major universities. It is beautiful and easily walkable. The food, architecture, and beauty make it a must-see

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Prescott, Arizona: Explore the Wild West

Prescott is a smallish city located in Arizona about two hours north of Phoenix. We drove there from San Diego—a really unique experience crossing I don’t know how many different climates in six and a half hours. We climbed from sea level to the Tecate divide, an elevation of 3,890, then were actually below sea level in the

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