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San Diego, known as “America’s Finest City” is my home sweet home. I take the city’s nickname seriously and will shout my love from the rooftops.

Start here: Your First Time Visiting San Diego

I’ve lived in San Diego for five years and counting, plus two years in college. My favorite thing to do is to check out the newest places to eat, drink and shop. I’ve got a growing collection of recommendations for you here, and I hope you are able to take me up on some of them and come to love the city as much as I do.

Groovy Hotel: The Pearl in San Diego

Flashback to 10 years ago. I started college in Point Loma, San Diego and commuted down Rosecrans Street every day. A unique-looking vintage hotel out the right window caught my eye each and every time as I headed to class. I always imagined what it was like inside and dreamed of staying there. I now know that The Pearl had at that… [read more]