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The Neon Museum in Las Vegas

I shared a photo in my last post, but I really needed to give the Neon Museum in Las Vegas its own writeup. Ever since my tour, this museum is the #1 thing I’ve been telling people to check out when in the area. I mean, look at this stuff! Even on a cloudy day that threatened rain, the Neon… [read more]

How to visit Tequila Factories in Tequila, Mexico Cheaply by Bus

This post is from a member of the Voyageer Contributor Team. Find out how to have your post featured here! While in Guadalajara, Saturday is a great day to travel to nearby Tequila (yes, that’s the city’s name!), home to Jose Cuervo factories along with dozens of other distilleries. You can take an organized tour from Guadalajara or a more pricey deluxe tour including horseback… [read more]