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The British have a very lovely word: “mini-break.” I suppose our U.S. counterpart term would be “getaway,” and that is just what I did with Doug and a couple of our friends—we got away from it all, in a whole other country, just 30 minutes away! We kept joking we could call it our #twodayvacay (saying “hashtag” aloud, of course).

Where to Stay

The One Bunk team has opened their most ambitious project yet: a totally renovated hotel on Avenida Revolución, Tijuana’s main tourist street. I’ve written more about the hotel (I took a ton of pictures; I’m gushing about it) here, but this post is about a few lovely ways to spend two days in town, assuming you’ll rest your head at One Bunk. You could definitely do many things on this list in one day if you don’t want to stay overnight.


La Carmelita Tacos

Foodies in San Diego are well aware that a culinary renaissance has been underway in Tijuana for quite some time. For those not as close to the action, let me tell you: you can get some amazing food across the border for a great price! Southern California and even Arizona residents should come over to San Diego, cross, and take a little #twodayvacay of their own.

When you’re walking down Revolución, it is important not to take the storefronts at face value. Look deeper and you’ll normally find pasajes (corridors) leading away from the street into the interior of the city block. My first stop is normally Collectivo 9, a pasaje with shops selling clothing, vintage books, and crafts. At the end, a courtyard surrounded by vendors making amazing food. You must try the smoked marlin empanada at 19/87 Empanadas and ramen from Tatami.

If you’re looking into dining in Tijuana, you must explore some of the upscale dining options in addition to classic street food. Well renowned restaurant La Justina is directly downstairs from One Bunk TJ and I regret booking on a Sunday/Monday since La Justina was closed both days. It’s certainly on my list for next time.

Container Coffee.jpg

Craft coffee is easy to find. Halfway between the border and Revolución, you can stop in Café Nativo for a handcrafted espresso, tea, or lemonade (top photo in this article). Container Coffee Co is on the main drag and they play great music.

Here’s somewhere you can walk to, but I wouldn’t judge you for taking a cab (don’t pay more than $5, it’s not that far). Telefonica Gastro Park is a courtyard of food trucks, some more permanently installed than others. The food here is phenomenal and the park’s reputation is strong north of the border. Pilgrimages down here for food are common. They often have live music or are showing a soccer match. These days, they are apparently showing Game of Thrones every Sunday night!


Craft beer is one of San Diego’s biggest industries and that culture has definitely trickled across the border (pun intended). You can still get extremely cheap Coronas and Tecates, but why not get something that tastes better and helps the local economy?

Mamut brewery is one block off of Revolución (Carrillo Puerto y o Tercera), on the second level of a building. Pass by an artisan cheese seller and enter through an unassuming staircase. They have a wide variety of flavors, a beautiful sunny patio, and amazing nachos. Other tasting rooms close by include Teorama/Ludica Co-tasting Room (pictured below) and Azteca Craft Brewing.

Ludia Teorama.jpg

A taxi ride to Plaza Fiesta will connect you with a lot of breweries, restaurants, and shopping in one place. We stopped by on a Monday and almost everything was closed. I can picture this area getting really full/crazy/wild on a weekend.


I’ll admit that this area is a little weak for me, since all I do down there is eat. On Revolución, you’ll find food and drink, tourist shops, a splash of gambling, and not much else. However, for many, bargaining in itself can be an activity. If you want some nice Mexican blankets, leather sandals, or pottery (please steer clear of the tacky shirts and turtle magnets), never take the first price the shops tell you. You can often get them to lower the price by half!

Cine Tonala

Cine Tonalá is an arthouse cinema; you can buy a ticket if you speak Spanish or aren’t bothered by the language barrier. They have shopping inside as well, and an amazing rooftop bar/restaurant. It is my goal to come here for the weekend brunch buffet.

Playas Boardwalk.jpg

You can take a taxi or Uber MX to playas, (the beach), where you’ll find more restaurants and a boardwalk with colorful murals. On the weekend you might come across live music. Note, in recent months there has been news about water contamination, so I’d stick to eating paletas on the sand instead of swimming in the ocean.

You can also attend a baseball or soccer game which I hear are really fun. I’ve never been, but when I do I will cover that for you here!

Getting there

Yes, you will need a valid passport. If you drive your car across you will need to buy special insurance and pay for parking. Do what we did and take the trolley all the way down from San Diego (we hopped on at Old Town). The trolley is $2.50 USD each person, each direction.

Walk through the checkpoint and then ignore the gauntlet of taxis—getting to the part of TJ I’ve covered here does not take long and you don’t need one. If you do take one, make sure to arrange the price before you even get in the car; I would never pay more than $10 USD, $5 USD would be more appropriate.

*Traveling with airbnb using my link (new sign ups only) will result in a discount for you and a credit for me. High five!

All photos by Staci and Doug Jackson for The Voyageer.


Staci blogs about travel at TheVoyageer.com.


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  1. I love to visit Tijuana, Rosarito and Ensenada. I went to Tijuana several months ago and hot even more eating spots. Agree the city lacks attractions to keep you interested after many visits. Between meals, we go to the movies (cheaper than the States), stop by the mall (even though we are not big on shopping, visit the supermarket, visit the Mercado Hidalgo or browse book shops (Spanish is our mother tongue). We are running out of ideas but we love it in there. #TheWeeklyPostcard

    • I love shopping even though I don’t buy much. Even going into grocery stores is fun because there are cookies and chips that we can’t get north of the border. Always have to bring a bag of those back 🙂 I’d love to go to a Xolos game at least once. What kind of attractions do you think should be added?

  2. It’s funny the times I have been to San Diego I have always wanted to go to Tijuana but always got over-ruled by my friends. I would love to do some shopping and of course, eat! The food looks so good! Thanks for sharing on #TheWeeklyPostcard.

    • There is so much to do in San Diego but if you’re building it into a longer stay in the area– talk them into a day trip 😉

  3. I do #twodayvacays a lot too! (Perks of living in a tiny country – the next country isn’t too far away!) I’ve never been to Mexico but would love to – how lucky you are to live in San Diego! The food in your pictures looks amazing and I bet it’s as delicious as it looks!

    • It is delicious 🙂 I have been making efforts to get to know my neighbor to the south much better these past two years. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Gosh, haven’t been to TJ in ages, and what I see here is nothing like what I remember from college days! We’ve been hearing and reading a lot about the food revolucion going on, and the general gentrification of Tijuana. Next time we’re in San Diego, we’ll have to venture south for a day or two! Thanks for sharing on #TheWeeklyPostcard and #WeekendWanderlust!

  5. Good article however, please check your facts, I am having lunch in La Justina and it does not belong to Javier Plascencia. The food and drinks are amazing though!

  6. excellent info. i love to spend time at revolution st too. and indulge in all the cerveza artesanal. i can drink. im kinda bumbed you did not touch on the massage part of the story. i have massaged there all the time and and would have love your take on it. i go to https://masajemilagroso.com/ they are the best in town.

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