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For all the writing I do, a read a lot as well. I mean a lot. Ever since I learned how, I read anything and everything that comes my way. It’s a great way to learn about other parts of the world or other perspectives of your own home.

I came across some very good blogs the past couple weeks and I want to share them with you.

→ To the Parents of Expat Kids

I’ve been friends with a few “3rd Culture Kids” in my days, and this post shares some nice perspective from someone who grew up in an American family in another country. In our globalized world it is pretty easy to move overseas. This is a great informative piece for people who are raising kids abroad.

→ American Customs that may Surprise Foreigners

Sophia, an Australian travel blogger has been spending some time in the US this year and wrote up a few reflections on things that surprised her in both good and bad ways. It’s always great to take a step back and see how your lifestyle is perceived by others, whether to celebrate those differences or see opportunities to change.

This Egyptian Shop Might Change How You See Paris

AFAR emails a collection of links every day and they are always interesting.  his personal essay post had me smiling about the small shops in our midst that often get overlooked but become important to neighborhood locals. It reminds me to find the small specialty shops near me like the South American cobbler who has fixed my shoes several times and the eccentric audio repair guy who diagnosed my CD player.

→ 16 of the Planet’s Prettiest Metro Stops

Sure it’s crowded, sure it can be dirty, but I really enjoy riding the metro when I am in a new city. (My tips for navigating an unfamiliar metro here.) It’s cheap, quick and definitely out of my everyday routine. Arts et Metiers is on this roundup, which is the stop next to my airbnb last time I was in Paris. It is stunning!


I have my eyes on visiting Japan within the next couple of years (I have been diligently saving airline miles and have 100,000 now). These blogs, Life of Shal and I Am Aileen have been covering travels within Japan lately are making me very impatient to go! Now I have to decide… summer or winter?

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Here are a few highlights from my August! Disneyland parts 1, 2, and 3Getting to know meTijuana’s coolest new hotel… and my guest post at Noelle Across the Pond (who I got to meet in person last week!!!) Locals’ favorite San Diego Neighborhoods!


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