3 Touristy Things to Do in Danville, Illinois

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There are so many underrated, small towns in America booming with interesting history and beautiful attractions. Take for example, Danville, Illinois.

Danville is the home of famous celebrities such as Gene Hackman, Jerry and Dick Van Dyke, and Bobby Hackman. In addition, it’s where Abraham Lincoln spent his lawyer years before serving as our 16th president of the United States. How interesting!

So, if you ever find your way to the small town of Danville, below are 3 Touristy Things to Do.

Walldogs Mural Walking Tour

Danville is famous for its wall murals. So download a map and take a walking tour of the Walldogs Mural Walking Tour. The tour consists of several murals painted by over 125 artists called the Walldogs from as far away as New Zealand.

During the summer of 2010, a reunion was held for the Walldog sign painters where they literally transformed Danville overnight with a variety of murals illustrating Danville’s pride in history and art.

Lindley Sign Post Forest

Not only did the Walldogs create beautiful wall murals for Danville, but they even had a hand in the pot with the Lindley Sign Post Forest.

The Lindley Sign Post Forest was created after a Danville native and GI name Carl K. Lindley who was a U.S. Army Engineer stationed at Watson Lake in 1942. Private Lindley added a “2835 mile” mileage sign that indicated the direction and mileage to his hometown of Danville which later turned into Watson Lake’s most famous attraction carrying over 72,000 signs.

Danville’s is a small town replica of Watson Lake’s Sign Post Forest – created with the help of the Walldogs.

So, stop through and browse all of the signs and miles between the Walldogs current hometowns and Danville, Illinois.

Heron County Park Wetlands Boardwalk

The Heron County Park Wetlands Boardwalk includes a small area for picnicking, park benches, a 30-foot observation tower, walking trail, and an amazing 950 feet floating boardwalk. The boardwalk is handicapped accessible and can be visited year-round. A variety of wildlife can be spotted such as Canadian geese, green herons, bald eagles, etc.

Visitors enjoy walking the floating boardwalk, having a picnic, and taking photos of the wildlife.

Visit Danville, Illinois

While Danville, Illinois is an underrated small town, it is booming with heritage and interesting attractions. Three touristy things to do in Danville include taking a Walldogs Mural Walking Tour, strolling through the Lindley Sign Post Forest, and enjoying a walk on the 950 feet floating boardwalk at Heron County Park.

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