6 Galentine’s Day Ideas

It’s not hard to plan a romantic getaway for Valentine’s Day. Pick a place less than three hours away and make a weekend of it. When coming up with Galentine’s Day ideas, however, it gets a little trickier. There are many things to coordinate like schedules and budgets. Here are 6 ideas to get your wheels turning and help you come up with a way to celebrate the gals in your life.

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Charles & Dinorah at The Pearl in San Diego – don’t miss my review of The Pearl here.


Brunch is made for girlfriends! It’s all about cute, yummy food and unnecessarily photogenic drinks. Count. Me. In! Bonus: If some or all of your crew are in relationships, brunch is a safe bet because everyone can make it out to dinner later in the day.


You can do something new and different with your gals that will stand out in your memory. What about a group yoga session outside? An escape room? My sister had a bunch of us ladies over to her home last year to paint mini-canvases. It was so much fun!


If brunch isn’t your scene, get dressed up and hit the town with your fellow ladies. Go to your city’s newest hotspot and everyone order something different so you can share. If you’re organizing it, a nice touch is to thank everyone for coming with a little gift. I like the idea of getting a few bracelet bundles from Pura Vida and breaking them up to treat your gals. Just skip the Leslie Knope style BFF survey/test.


While I don’t buy into the cliché that men have to hate rom-coms, I do think that going out to a girly movie with just your pals can be a special way to spend time together and make a memory. I remember going to see light movies like Hairspray and The Nanny Diaries when they came out and I will always remember who I saw them with.

My sister and I took a mini-roadtrip to Phoenix a couple years ago!

 Overnight away

Don’t restrict taking getaways to just with your significant other. What about getting an airbnb in the next city over and exploring a new area? Splitting a hotel bachelorette-party style can be a great way to spend quality time with your inner circle and stay somewhere you’ve always dreamt of. Treat yo self!

My dream bachelorette party hotel: The Pendry in San Diego.

Overnight at home

I think this idea is my absolute favorite. Remember how fun slumber parties used to be? Most of us stopped that tradition after high school, but you can have a great time without breaking the bank by inviting all your gals over for movies and junk food. Stay up late and make cinnamon rolls in the morning.

Have you ever done something special with your gals for Galentine’s Day? Share in the comments!!

I know it’s a relatively new alternative to V-day but I love having the opportunity to shower the ladies in my life with love and appreciation.


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