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Etsy Gifts for the Travelers in Your Life

I’ll take a brief break from recounting my Eurotrip 2018 city stops to remind you that when buying gifts online, you need to pad a little bit of time for shipping… That’s why I’m writing this gift guide in plenty of time! There are sure to be travelers in your life that want quirky and

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Lunar New Year in San Diego (updated for 2018)

2015 was my first time celebrating Lunar New Year (Chinese New Year to some), and I had an amazing time. My friend invited a bunch of us out to dim sum on a Sunday morning. The food was amazing, the place was packed with families all giving off a festive vibe, and there was even a

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RoboLights: Offbeat Christmas in Palm Springs

This post is from a member of the Voyageer Contributor Team. Find out how to have your post featured here! I tapped on the flashlight app on my phone, illuminating the narrow patch of concrete sidewalk in front of a row of meticulous mid century modern houses. Palm Springs, California is known as a playground for the

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5 Surprising Things About New Year’s Eve in Mexico City

Flashback to January 2017. I was walking off of a plane and checking back into reality after 4 days in Mexico. Along with my husband and two of our friends, I celebrated the end of 2016 in a new country, culminating with spending New Year’s Eve in Mexico City. I’ve already covered some of the

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