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I started seeing hard-side suitcases with spinning wheels about 4 years ago. Then, it was definitely a cue that the person smoothly wheeling through the airport was a frequent traveler. Now, these are becoming the most popular type of luggage, and for good reason. The hard sides slide very easily into overhead compartments and protect your belongings better than fabric. This new brand, CHESTER, caught my eye online and I’m glad I got to check out their luggage options. Keep reading to find a coupon code that will save you 10% off!

NOTE: CHESTER appears to have gone out of business, which is a shame because these pieces are good quality and work well. The CHESTER website is still alive but all products are out of stock. They have not updated social media since 2021. If you are still in the market for a hard side luggage please read my CALPAK review or head over to the CALPAK website.

I received free product in exchange for my honest review. There are affiliate links in this post.

CHESTER luggage small and medium, navy colored, in front of a bright orange door.
Pictured: CHESTER minima and regula hard-side spinner luggage

I was looking for:

My trusty white hard-sided spinner got a few significant scuffs when I checked it, even though it was one time! So, when I had the chance to get a dark-colored bag I jumped on it. I also wanted to try out this new brand, CHESTER, that I had seen popping up on Instagram! Since I am already a big fan of this type of suitcase, I knew I could evaluate its features:

  • 4 spinning wheels
  • Carry-on size (21.5×13.5×8.5 inches)
  • Dark in color (already have a light one)
  • Streamlined look
  • TSA lock built-in

I was also excited to try the medium-sized version (11x18x26 inches) as well! Hard-side spinner large suitcases are fantastic because although they are heavier, they roll very easily and the durable exterior keeps souvenirs safe and secure in the belly of the plane.

I have not checked either of these on a flight yet but I plan to come back and update the post once I have more experience.

Overall Review

This CHESTER luggage piece really shines.

Desert scene of blogger in pastel colors standing next to CHESTER small carry-on size bag.


It is super light, even lighter than my other carry-on suitcase. Easy to lift with one hand. The handles and the TSA lock are both slim profile and don’t catch on things. The wheels roll smoothly and fairly quietly. The shell is durable with a little give, and has a subtle pattern that will mask future scuffs. A major difference between this and some of my past carry-ons is that it does not have an expanding zipper. Honestly, skipping the expanding zipper makes this piece seem more sturdy when it’s zipped up. The color is a nice medium blue that will go with everything. They have 7 colors available online, mostly neutrals.


The thing that surprised me the most when I opened this suitcase was that each side closes up fully (see below). On the left, there are two flat mesh pockets for papers or other flat items, like a jewelry bag. My other spinner (from another brand) has a panel with cinch straps on one side and elastic bands on the other side. To me, this seems like it will keep belongings safe and secure. However, it’s harder to unzip partway and stash an item quickly. On the right side, there is a built-in pocket that holds an included laundry bag. The medium-sized bag is designed the same way.

Chester Luggage interior shot

Where to Buy

Part of their pricing model is that CHESTER sells online only straight to the customer. CHESTER can be found on their company website and on Amazon. Check them out on Instagram to see some of their color offerings “in the wild” – I found that to be a little more helpful than just seeing the colors on the product page white background with no context.

Price-wise they are right in the middle of the road. Many of the hard-side spinner bags that are cheaper than CHESTER are, (in my opinion) uglier. These look more similar to chic top-of-the-line bags, at a much nicer price.

Buying at comes with 2-day shipping included – my bags came very quickly and were protected from rubbing against the cardboard box with a soft fabric bag. If you plan on storing your bags in the garage or basement, you can keep the fabric dust protector to keep your luggage looking brand new.

Have I mentioned that you can use code 10AF to save 10%? Well, you can!

Thanks for checking out my CHESTER luggage review. Have you tried traveling with a hard-side spinner yet? What’s your preferred travel gear? Let me know in the comments! 

All photos by Doug and Staci Jackson for The Voyageer. 


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