ibis Hotel Chain: The Great Budget Option you Haven’t Heard Of

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When planning a trip abroad, it can be hard to decide where to stay. Especially if you’re trying to save money! I’m an American, so when I see hotels like Best Western or Holiday Inn, I know what to expect. But when arranging a foreign itinerary and an unfamiliar name pops up everywhere, it would be nice to know if the brand is worth it. ibis (branded all lowercase) caught my eye and maybe it has caught yours. Like, “I keep seeing this ibis hotel chain… I wonder if it’s any good?”

My first experience at an ibis hotel was in Morocco, where I was very impressed with the English-speaking staff. After I clumsily tried to describe (in French) a technical problem with my TV, they replied to me confidently in English and solved my problem in 30 seconds. The rooms were spacious and the breakfast was a delicious mix of French and Moroccan foods. The hotel is still there, but is now managed by a different branch of Accor (the ibis parent company). Accor owns many hotel brands you may have seen.

This post is not sponsored by ibis in any way, but booking using my links may result in a small commission for me at no extra cost for you.

Lounge area in the ibis Milano Centro lobby


According to their website, there are currently 2373 ibis locations around the world. There is just ONE in the U.S. which explains why I was unfamiliar with them. Of the 2300+ locations, over 1600 of them are in Europe. Like I said, they are pretty ubiquitous.

ibis Madrid Centro – very typical of what to expect


When I say that the ibis hotel chain is consistent from location to location, that doesn’t mean they all look the same. Many of them have the neutral wood veneer headboard and desk seen above. They also frequently feature black and red decor in the public spaces. However, many have a modern chic look. Even though the decor changes from one hotel to another, the things that stay consistent are: clean rooms, comfortable beds, good prices, and helpful staff.

My room at ibis Milano Centro


I’ve noticed that ibis is priced very fairly for what they have to offer. Higher than a hostel, shared bathroom situation, or pensione, but in the sweet spot of budget hotels. I usually try to build in at least one splurge hotel on every trip, but they can’t all be splurges. For a good product at a good price, I have turned to ibis a few times. They even have a sub-chain called ibis budget that is priced lower than their standard flagship. I think the main thing you lose if you go to an ibis budget is a little bit of the “above and beyond” staff culture. The main chain has a 15-minute service guarantee but that is not advertised on the ibis budget website.


It’s not the most important thing for me to stay in a stylish hotel, but it has definitely been a deciding factor! I like to stay in a hotel that has a fun vibe and that the staff can be proud of. Even if the room lacks in style, the common areas are always on point. In fact, ibis styles is a sub-brand that really amps up the wow factor with their decor.

Bike art installation at ibis Madrid Centro

Here are seven outstanding stylish ibis locations for your consideration:

I guess I should wrap up with a conclusion, so I’ll just say this: I quite like the ibis hotel chain. I’m glad I have an affordable option to rely on when I’m booking overseas in a city I’ve never visited before. Have you ever stayed with ibis? Did you have a good experience?

PS: I’m currently researching Japan, and I see the chain Dormy Inn pop up a lot. Anyone have any experience with them? Please let me know in the comments!

Photos except for ibis logo by Staci Jackson and Angela Cerda for The Voyageer.


Staci blogs about travel at TheVoyageer.com.


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  1. We have stayed in a number of ibis hotels across Europe as part of our pre-arranged bus tours over the last seven years, and have never been let down. If I remember correctly, both Trafalgar and Cosmos tour companies used ibis hotels interspersed with local mom and pop hoteleries.

    • So good to hear! Staying at mom and pop hotels are great, but for a group as large as a bus tour sometimes a big chain is just the ticket! Thanks for your comment 🙂

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