10 Hot Travel Destinations for 2023

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Our friends over at Booking.com have compiled data from a traveler survey of almost 25,000 individuals from around the globe, plus trending data from their website to predict hot travel destinations for 2023. This post contains a Cliff’s Notes version of their top destinations, plus some Voyageer commentary on their choices! Find the full article plus footnotes on their methodology here.

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Hot Destinations 1-3

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1. São Paulo, Brazil – The energetic metropolis of São Paulo is home to 20 million locals known as ‘paulistanos’. The concrete jungle boasts an exploding nightlife scene with a matrix of underground clubs – perfect for the three quarters (72%) of those who are open to ‘nightlife-centric vacations’ in 2023.

While the above description does not really encompass the travel vibe of The Voyageer, Sao Paulo sounds like an incredible place to visit with plenty of activities to explore that aren’t clubbing; like architecture, museums, and dining!

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2. Budva, Montenegro – With one in five (21%) travelers saying the main thing they want from a trip in 2023 is to relax on a beach, the town of Budva in western Montenegro is one of the top destinations to visit in Europe in 2023.  

This spot looks incredible and a quick google shows that Montenegro is a great place to travel for that fabulous European feel at a comparatively low price. What a gorgeous setting on the Adriatic Sea! Sign us up.

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3. Pondicherry, India – The bohemian seaside city of Puducherry (formerly Pondicherry) is located on the southeast coast of India sitting on the Bay of Bengal. With 44% of travelers reporting they want to try a spiritual stay in 2023, and 40% keen for a silent retreat possessing a calming energy, this city attracts spiritually-minded visitors. 

Contributors for this blog have not spent much time in Asia, and India seems so far away, that Puducherry would be a great place to start. For those interested in history and the European colonization of the globe, this port city provides some good examples pre-colonial and colonial India.

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Trending Destinations 4-6

4. Querétaro, Mexico – Querétaro is a city with a spring-like climate located in the central highlands. It is home to Peña de Bernal, one of the largest monoliths in the world. This is perfect for  the 38% of travelers who are interested in extra-terrestrial exploration and UFO sightings.  

We know several people who have visited Queretaro and have loved it. One Voyageer correspondent visited in 2019 and wrote a post about it! You could pair a trip here with some time in Guanajuato or Mexico City. Actually, we have lots of posts about Mexico, since most of our authors live on the US-Mexico border.

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5. Bolzano, Italy – Bolzano is the capital of South Tyrol, a region in northern Italy. It is an alpine destination ideal for hiking and skiing in the Italian Dolomites. In summer, travelers can challenge themselves with a mountain ascent. In winter, they can visit one of the ski resorts. 

Bolzano looks like an absolute fairy tale of a city, nestled in a valley between the Dolomites and the Alps. It’s 3 hours from the closest major metropole, making it a perfect retreat for skiing or enjoying nature. If you were to draw a triangle connecting Milan, Munich, and Venice, Bolzano is in the center. The city is an order of magnitude larger, but The Voyageer does have a 48 Hour Guide to Milan.

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6. Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia – The capital of Sabah in the Malaysian part of Borneo is surrounded by rainforests and sandy beaches. It is an off-the-beaten-track destination for half (50%) of travelers who want a unique cultural experience in 2023.  

Malaysia would make a great addition to a winter itinerary due to its equatorial location. Sign us up for ringing in the new year on a warm beach!

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Unexpected Destinations 7-10

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7. Kalabaka, Greece – This town in the Thessaly Valley is home to the Meteora, a rock formation with Eastern Orthodox monasteries. It is a UNESCO world heritage site for the 51% who want a different cultural experience which can be explored by foot. 

The Meteora sounds like something out of a fantasy or sci-fi book, but it’s real. We could totally see this city on a a short itinerary following a few days in Athens and before spending a relaxing few days on a Greek Isle.

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8. Santa Fe, United States – With its nickname ‘The City Different’, this city is known for its multicultural heritage and Native American tribes. It offers unique artistic traditions and adobe-style structures, and is ideal for the 73% who are open to ‘out of the comfort zone’ experiences. 

The most easily accessible destination on this list for many of this blog’s readers, Santa Fe is a great opportunity to visit an iconic city with lots of high-budget or affordable options of things to do and places to stay.

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9. Olomouc, Czech Republic – For the third (30%) of travelers keen to explore lesser-known cities next year that aren’t yet on the radar, the historic city of Olomouc is a fantastic alternative to the popular capital city of Prague – and one of Europe’s best kept secrets.

One travel blog I visited called Olomouc “Prague without the tourists.” This town is noted for its younger demographic thanks to being home to several universities. Like most towns in Europe, you will find charming streets aplenty and beautiful historic churches and statues. Another delightful town in Czechia is Karlovy Vary.

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10. Hobart, Australia – There are few destinations where travelers can climb a mountain, head to the beach and visit a world-class art gallery all in one day, but Hobart is one of them. The capital of Tasmania is the southernmost capital in Australia, meaning the weather is unbelievably good all year round. 

The lead sentence has The Voyageer team smirking, because it’s possible to surf in the morning and ski in the afternoon here in Southern California. Nonetheless, Australia is always a popular destination and it’s really nice to remind travelers that there are many facets to Australia beyond Sydney!

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Readers, if you have been to any of these cities or regions, please leave a comment telling which one! If you are a fellow blogger and have a post with your experience, please link it! We are so interested!

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