A quick Cross Border Xpress update

I traveled with Doug and a couple of friends, and like we did last time we used the Cross Border Xpress (CBX) to fly from Tijuana to central Mexico. Just like last time, it was so easy. Perhaps easier than the first time since I knew what to expect. Continue reading A quick Cross Border Xpress update


5 Ways to Maximize Sightseeing during Work Travel

I traveled to the Bay Area recently for a Thursday/Friday work conference, and I stayed in a hotel very close to the conference in Burlingame. I was disappointed to be far from the center of San Francisco, but I was determined to not let this stop me from visiting the city in the evenings and on Saturday morning before returning home to San Diego. I … Continue reading 5 Ways to Maximize Sightseeing during Work Travel

How to Halloween in San Diego

Okay, I am not a Halloween person. Judging by the amount of effort my neighbors are putting into decorations (more than Christmas it seems), Halloween is actually gaining in popularity as a holiday as the years go by. Although October 31st is on a Tuesday this year, there are plenty of opportunities to get the pants scared off of you leading up to the Big Night. … Continue reading How to Halloween in San Diego

5 Must-Eat Sweet Treats in San Diego’s Convoy Area

Starbucks might have gained notoriety this summer for the unicorn frap and the pink drink, but I have never seen a more broad option of sweet flavors than at a boba/bubble tea shop. When I’m in the mood for something sweet, I instinctively head up to the Convoy Street area in Clairemont Mesa/Kearny Mesa, San Diego. Located in the “wine glass” between the 805 and … Continue reading 5 Must-Eat Sweet Treats in San Diego’s Convoy Area

SoCal Fall Destinations & Gear

Even as working adults, it seems like fall and the beginning of the school year can cause a shift in everyday routines. Just because school is back in session doesn’t mean it’s time to hunker down until Thanksgiving and Christmas travel! Sneak in a weekend trip here and there while the weather is crisp but not too cold. There are plenty of great getaways within driving distance of Southern California’s major cities.  Continue reading SoCal Fall Destinations & Gear

Dressing for Disney

When I went to Disneyland last week, I knew I wanted a cute outfit to wear while I was there. Dressing up for Disneyland isn’t required—It’s easy to get hot and sweaty under the summer sun, after all—but I wanted to celebrate my trip with something Disney-appropriate. This post contains some affiliate links. What surprised me the most was that a lot of people had … Continue reading Dressing for Disney

Disneyland (!) Memories and 5 Must-Know Tips

It happened earlier this summer. I was driving to work listening to my favorite radio station when a familiar song came on and I was instantly transported back to kindergarten in the best way possible. The song was actually a Disneyland commercial, announcing that the Main Street Electrical Parade was officially retiring at the end of August. Having not been to Disneyland since 2009 I … Continue reading Disneyland (!) Memories and 5 Must-Know Tips