Traveling Plans for 2017 (1)

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Visiting the Griffith Observatory

Hey there! Last year was intense travel-wise that I thought this year was going to be so slow-paced in comparison. However as I’ve been putting in my PTO requests, it looks like my calendar is filling up quickly! The first half of the year is pretty booked up! Let’s take a peek at how I’m squeezing in travel around work…



I spent my time catching my breath from Christmas and our immediate trip to Mexico City, about which I’ve got several posts on deck for y’all! Work really sped up so I did trip planning but no real expeditions.


I decided to get hustling on The Voyageer: I published 8 posts for you guys and started making my site pretty! Took one small rainy camping trip in Malibu Creek, which was nice for variety, but with our recent chilly weather I’ve just wanted to hole up with blankets and my laptop. Feb is the short month; I can’t believe it’s already March!

Deer at Malibu Canyon State Park


This month will be fun since we’re taking a getaway weekend in Prescott, AZ with my parents, sister and brother and law. Additionally, I am really excited in the prospect of catching some famous Anza-Borrego wildflowers. I am on Wildflower High Alert and can’t wait to share with you what I see!


I don’t have any trips planned (yet!!) but I do have lots of content planned out to help you prepare to head out on summer vacations. Expect trip-planning downloadables, itineraries, and lots of handy tips!


May is going to be insane. My husband and I are heading out to Kansas for a family affair, which will be great because we have so many loved ones out there and May is the most beautiful time to visit Kansas. Also, we have a camping trip planned for Zion National Park. I can’t wait; have been wanting to visit Zion for so long! Oh, and one more trip: a friend’s wedding outside Saint Louis!

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Nothing planned for June right now. Seeing the trajectory this year is on, I’m sure something will pop up! If not, well, the summer season is the perfect time for playing Local Tourist and seeing San Diego through the eyes of a newcomer. That really is one of my favorite ways to spend a weekend.

A lot of good stuff to look forward to, not to mention I am still doing write-ups of my journeys last year, and things I have learned along the way to pass along to you. Can’t wait to get writing! 

What are you looking forward to in the first half of 2017? Please share in the comments!

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