Traveling Plans for 2017 (2)

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I meant to check in with you all in July, but time flies and here we are, suddenly, in August. Earlier this year I mapped out the first six months of 2017, and now I’ve got the second half of the year all but figured out. Where am I headed…?


Backtracking for a moment—July, miraculously, had no travels. I love traveling but I also love my down time to catch up with home maintenance, recalibrate, plan my next trips, and explore my home city of San Diego. On Independence Day, we watched fireworks over the San Diego bay from our friends’ rooftop deck. Can’t get any better than that!


Photo by Kevin Verbeem on Flickr

This month I am headed to Disneyland! I work at a university so August is spent ramping up for the first day of school. That means I can’t sneak away for a getaway but I can take a day off in the middle of the week to see the Electric Lights Parade, which will be retiring at the end of the month. This will count as my birthday celebration even though my birthday is in…


In September I am planning a getaway for my husband’s birthday. Yep, we were born really close together. The location is a secret, so I can’t share too much here because he is my proofreader. Later on, with luck, I will get invited to celebrate Chile’s Independence Day (Sept. 18) with my friend and her family. At the end of the month, we will go with a big group of our friends to Valle de Guadalupe which is in Mexico a little ways down the baja peninsula.


Guanajuato by Russ Bowling on Flickr

I am very excited for October. We are headed back to central Mexico: a city called Guanajuato. They have an annual festival which features a different foreign country each year. This year’s festival features France, and as a Francophile I am keenly interested in seeing Mexico’s take on French culture. I hope I get to experience a little bit of the run-up to Dia De Los Muertos as well although we’ll be back home before that day.



Coming off the heels of my trip to Guanajato, November is a pretty busy month for me at my “normal” job. I’ll probably lay low and get a bunch of writing done for you guys 🙂 I am looking forward to Thanksgiving with my family at my parents’ house. Oh, we will also have our third annual group camping trip up on Palomar Mountain, about an hour north of San Diego. Here was last year’s trip!


December is a little up in the air right now. Last year we took advantage of the extra time we have off of work to visit Mexico City. I’m torn between going to another amazing new locale and doing more of a low-key holiday with family. I guess we have time to figure it out!

Where are you headed this fall? What kind of planner are you? Ridiculously meticulous like me? Or more spontaneous? Please share in the comments!


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  1. I envy that you have plans all the way through the end of the year! I just filled up some weekends between now and October, haha. It’s good to be prepared though, you’ll get better deals 😉

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