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For all the writing I do, a read a lot as well. I mean a lot. Ever since I learned how, I read anything and everything that comes my way. It’s a great way to learn about other parts of the world or other perspectives of your own home.

Pan Dulce Guanajuato
Grab a snack and settle in for some fun reading 🙂

January raced by and here I am, catching my breath. I work at a University and the beginning of the semester leaves no time or energy for blogging in the evenings. This past month you could find me vegged out on the couch watching Scrubs on Hulu (where many of my fave shows have migrated) and reading interesting posts by others. Here are some greats!

A 20-Day Antarctica Cruise Itinerary

I feel like traveling to Antarctica must be the ultimate bucket-list goal. Can you believe there are tours that will actually make this a reality? Check out major travel blogger Aileen’s incredible experience.

Hiking Nerd

I’m more into reading blogs, but vlogs have such a huge following and offer some great content as well. My husband showed me Jimmy, the Hiking Nerd, who posts great videos on hiking Southern California’s peaks as well as product reviews.

12-Day Itinerary:  Prague, Vienna, Bratislava, and Budapest

My family is beginning to put together a trip to Prague and the surrounding areas this Fall so I was keenly interested in Lorelei’s helpful itinerary. I actually don’t know a lot about this region so I’m very much looking forward to diving deeper!

Pay Less Up Front with Airbnb

Last September I booked a trip for 11 to Big Bear (through Destination Big Bear). Charging a huge 4-bedroom cabin on my credit card was not for the faint of heart! I’m so happy that Airbnb has recently rolled out the option to book early and put down a deposit, completing your payment over time. Great for a longer trip or a bigger place. You can make payments as your friends pay you back! If you’ve never used Airbnb before, use my link to sign up and get $40 off your first trip.

Lastly a few of my own December and January highlights.

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