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Last year was a busy travel year for me. Perfect for a travel blogger, right? Well, yes! However I’m still catching up on organizing my photos and waiting to post some things from last year this spring (posting a botanical garden in February just doesn’t make sense). So much to write, so many photos to edit… and only so much time to do it!

Thumb Butte, Prescott, AZ

I had a lot of things planned last year, so much so, that I was able to put together a post mapping out the first part of the year and the second. This year we are saving up for a big fall trip which means that any small getaways must be really small. And spontaneous. So, 2018 is really not a meticulously planned year at all!


We are headed to Portland! We’ve been up to Portland several times in the past years, and it’s been great to repeat visits to certain coffee shops and restaurants along with trying new places. Instead of staying at the Ace Hotel as we’ve done (and loved) in the past, this time we are staying at Hotel Rose and I’m really excited to try a new place. The Staypineapple vibe seems really cool and I’m into the riverfront location. Look for a review on it in mid-March!

It would also be neat to sneak over to Phoenix and catch the Royals at spring training, but we’ll see how the month goes.


Over Christmas we were supposed to head back to my husband’s hometown in Kansas, but due to extreme circumstances we had to cancel our trip. Now we are going to try making it out in the Summer. Watermelon, sunflowers, and mosquitoes, we are coming for you!

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Prague Morning by Roman Boed
Prague Morning by Roman Boed on flickr

This is the big one! I’m bursting with excitement since our family is going to Prague for my mom’s milestone birthday (I won’t share which one). Doug and I are going to try to put together a 2 or 3 city itinerary and visit a few new-to-us countries!

For those of you who have traveled in this part of Europe, what do you recommend? Please leave a comment and link me to useful blog posts, or books that helped you out. Thanks!

Of course, we’ll close out fall and welcome winter with our traditional squad camping trip to Palomar Mountain.


I’m sure I’ll still be cruising from my Czech Republic high, but it’s always nice to slip in a little Christmas trip. I haven’t seen snow in a while (years, maybe?) so it would be cool to grab a cheap ticket to somewhere snowy and snowboard or curl up by a cozy fire.

What do you have planned for 2018?


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  1. I’ve been to Prague if you want any suggestions! Where in Kansas is your husband from? I’m going to Manhattan, Kansas for a work trip for the first time ever next week!

  2. Do visit čzesky Krumlov. If you are there for the opera festival, you can catch a performance in the old Baroque theatre. The town is small, very relaxing. We will be going to Portugal and the Faroe Islands.

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