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For all the writing I do, a read a lot as well. I mean a lot. Ever since I learned how, I read anything and everything that comes my way. It’s a great way to learn about other parts of the world or other perspectives of your own home.

Patagonia Ascentionist 35L 3
My travel buddy in Albuquerque 🙂

June and July went by in a flash, and now here I am, staring down August… except that I got summoned for Jury duty. I was to call in all month long, and I thought I’d get out of it, until I heard the dreaded words that I was to report at 7:15 (!!!) in the morning. So, as you read this, think of me suffering away in a windowless room somewhere… Augh!

Anyway, on to the links.


It’s been a crazy ride for Airbnb here in America’s Finest City. After years of indecision, the San Diego city council just voted to ban short term vacation rentals except for those who rent out their own home or a portion of their home. When I’m not blogging, I’m a Realtor, so I want to see how this shakes up the tough local housing market. Hopefully, entry-level homes that were snatched up and turned into rentals now come back up for sale. This comes on the heels of other cities like NYC and Tokyo which have banned Airbnb.

In happier Airbnb news, Elise from A Beautiful Mess has finally posted her Nashville bungalow for rent. Isn’t it the cutest? The kids’ room adds such a special element.

Last note on Airbnb, last month they debuted Airbnb plus which are accommodations that go beyond the superhost qualification, and reach a 100 point inspection for quality. These are truly the best of the best. Go ahead and head over, click around a bit, but warning: you will definitely be wanting to book a trip ASAP. If you’ve never used Airbnb before, use my link to sign up and get $40 off your first trip.


This art magazine isn’t always travel related, but the third issue is the PLACE issue. I’ve been a supporter of &/Both from the beginning, and finally worked up the courage to submit an article.

Image courtesy of &/Both magazine
Image courtesy of &/Both magazine

I wrote about boundaries and how our society seems intent upon dividing ourselves up more and more every day. As you can tell, as a world traveler and a blogger, it is my mission to break down barriers, not build more up.

I normally include a third newsy point here, but the Airbnb section went a little long and I know you’re probably busy. One last thing then off to the weekend!!

Lastly a few of my own June and July highlights.

  • Angels Flight RailwayAt the beginning of June my BFF and I snuck away to LA for a little getaway. I had so much fun taking Angels Flight, the short funicular railway that connects two parts of Downtown LA.
  • In other recent travels, Doug and I went to Albuquerque (flights were $22 using Southwest points!). Find out why ABQ is a cool destination, and how about picking a place to stay?
  • And I served up some hot weather vibes rounding up both California’s best beach towns and 9 fashionable fanny packs.
  • Since it’s summer, let’s use a baseball analogy. I had two awesome pinch-hitters in June and July. First, Brennon introduced all of us to her hometown of Danville, IL. I definitely learned a thing or two! Second, Doug helped me out by writing a product review of his Patagonia Ascentionist 35L backpack.
  • A huge thanks to both of my guest authors. If you would like to have a post featured on The Voyageer, use the contact me page.

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  1. I love this round up of your summer! And, what do you know? I’m headed to Nashville soon and dying to use my AirBNB credit!

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