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If you’ve ever found yourself filled with an overwhelming feeling of “did I remember to…?” then you are not alone. That thought crosses my mind almost every day, and that’s why I started to do a mental checklist before I leave the house in the morning. When you’re going for a longer trip, that’s when things get more critical. Everyday no-brainers become potential nightmares to come home to such as a flooded laundry room. My mom was brilliant enough to come up with a pre-departure checklist in anticipation of our family trip to Europe this fall. Below, you can download a printable version or a spreadsheet version!

Keep in mind that some of the home security advice lends itself better to a longer trip. For a short weekend getaway, you don’t have to go to all this effort (I still do light timers, though). However, if I’m leaving for a week or longer, I try to arrange my home in a very safe way that will be pleasant for my return.

Advice from the pros

You’ll see a lot of the same tips pop up again and again – that’s because it’s great advice!

  1. 5 ways to keep your home secure from RealSimple
  2. 15 tips to secure your home before a trip from Travel Insurance Review
  3. Nationwide (Insurance) put together a checklist, but mine’s cuter!

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Download the pre-departure checklist

I divided things into “home maintenance” and “logistics.” Home maintenance is the biggest thing I need to be reminded about, and it is of utmost importance as far as risk management goes. Reduce your risk of coming home to a disaster!

The other category is “logistics.” My phone is almost 3 years old and is constantly bugging out. Therefore I will print as many travel documents as possible in case I can’t use my mobile boarding pass to board my plane (for example). The logistics category can go on forever, so I just tried to include some commonly-missed tips. Please add more (and a story, if you care to share) in the comment section, so other travelers can learn from our mistakes!

Keep everything shipshape with this printable version– easy to carry from room to room with you and so FUN to physically check things off!

If you live the paper free lifestyle, go ahead and download this Excel version (you can always open the document in Numbers or Google Sheets, too).

Did I miss anything? Each sheet has blanks at the end so please feel free to weigh in… add a comment below so future readers can add to the pre-departure checklist! 


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  1. I think the home piece is something many travelers don’t think about, but you are right it is very important when it comes to risk management. I like the idea of light timers. Thanks for sharing on #TheWeeklyPostcard

    • Sometimes I have a hard time sleeping while I’m traveling – thanks anxiety – but I am going to use this checklist next month and I think it will help me a lot.

    • I feel like I live in excel! But there is just something satisfying about taking a paper from room to room. Thanks for stopping by!

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