Etsy Gifts for the Travelers in Your Life

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I’ll take a brief break from recounting my Eurotrip 2018 city stops to remind you that when buying gifts online, you need to pad a little bit of time for shipping… That’s why I’m writing this gift guide in plenty of time! There are sure to be travelers in your life that want quirky and unique travel-themed gifts. Allow me to share some amazing, cute items I found on Etsy that go one step beyond a monogrammed luggage tag. (Although they have plenty of those too).

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I started shopping Etsy when I was in college over 10 years ago. What started out as a small shopping interface where crafters could sell their designs or buy supplies, has evolved into so much more, where you can buy almost anything. On top of that, each store represents a small business—someone’s hobby or very often their full-time gig. In the spirit of #shopsmall, I present to you Etsy gifts for travelers.

2018 gift guide mokuyobi.jpg

Mokuyobi first caught my eye when I was shopping for fanny packs earlier this year. I fave’d the store and have been obsessed with their brightly colored, cheeky designs ever since. This backpack would delight even the crabbiest of teenagers, and a 4-pack of patches would make a fab stocking stuffer. Okay, obviously I have to link to a fanny pack too.

2018 gift guide makeup bag

Those who travel often know that an organized suitcase one key to stress-free packing. I’ve been experimenting a little with packing cubes, and I’m still on the fence regarding their utility. However, one thing I do know that a chic makeup bag can protect pricey products. They are immensely helpful at home and on the go. I like this classy leather one and this pretty vintage-inspired one.

2018 gift guide globes.jpg

Speaking of vintage-inspired, perhaps the person in your life needs more inspiration on where to travel next. (Do travelers really have this problem?) Anyway, a vintage globe goes a long way to making home or office look chic, while also sparking imagination on destinations and itineraries. I have a globe in my home and I love gazing at it. Bonus points you buy a globe with obsolete countries 😉 Pictured: Globe 1 and Globe 2.

2018 gift guide stickers.jpg

Have you noticed the youngsters these days with stickers all over their laptops and Nalgene bottles? I get to say “youngsters” because I am now over 30. Stickers have never been more popular or more chic. They are a fabulous way for graphic designers to show off their skills and an inexpensive way for a person to show off their individuality. Go graphic-minimal, or vintage-inspired, which I like so much that I picked two stores (one, two).

2018 gift guide gift card.png

Lastly, the best gift, in my opinion, is the one I get to pick out myself. Blasphemy? I don’t know about you, but my dream gift is a shopping spree with other people’s money. Maybe that’s a tacky idea, but I’m serving up truth here. Anyway, it’s impossible to go wrong with a gift card.

Tell me… what do you hope for in your stocking? Leave a comment! 


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