Link Love (4)

For all the writing I do, a read a lot as well. I mean a lot. Ever since I learned how, I read anything and everything that comes my way. It’s a great way to learn about other parts of the world or other perspectives of your own home. I’m in this Instagram group where we support each other by checking in on each other’s feeds … Continue reading Link Love (4)


Locals’ Favorite San Diego Neighborhoods

Locals’ Favorite San Diego Neighborhoods San Diego is a city made up of a patchwork of neighborhoods. Many visitors stick to out the downtown Gaslamp quarter and to the beaches, but in doing that they miss some true gems. If you head to any of my favorite neighborhoods, you will be sure to find a ton of locals who can steer you towards great food, … Continue reading Locals’ Favorite San Diego Neighborhoods

Reader Poll: What do you like to read?

Happy Tuesday! I hope you had a good Memorial Day weekend, if you’re in the U.S., or if you’re in another country, I hope you’ve simply had a pleasant recent string of days. It has been a wonderful first four months here at The Voyageer. I’ve grown the blog’s readership, I am having a great time discovering all kinds of interesting travel blogs thanks to the weekly link parties … Continue reading Reader Poll: What do you like to read?

#FBF: Dublin, Ireland (2010)

Happy St Paddy’s Day! What kind of travel site would this be if I didn’t mention Ireland on this particular occasion? Since I’ve never been there, but I’m married to someone who has, I decided to put together a little Q&A “Flashback Friday” post. It would be cool to make this a regularly occurring feature, don’t you think? Contact me to participate!  Doug agreed to stroll … Continue reading #FBF: Dublin, Ireland (2010)

Visiting Home—The Philippines

Who would have thought that my family would be able to cram back-to-back events within the span of three weeks? Honestly, I had a feeling that it was coming, but I didn’t expect it to be the busiest three weeks of our lives. Of course, I would get my period the following day. It’s not like we had planned to go to the beach that day … Continue reading Visiting Home—The Philippines

The Voyageer Needs YOUR Stories!

Hey Dudes! (And Ladies! I’m from California so I can call everybody ‘dude’) I am working on a series that I’m really excited about: I’m opening the floor to guest contributors. My husband Doug has already written a post for The Voyageer, and since he’s my favorite travel buddy there will probably be more posts from him in the future. I have another guest contribution … Continue reading The Voyageer Needs YOUR Stories!