My Disneyland Food Strategy

You might be wondering what a “food strategy” is and why I’m covering it. Well, part of it is that I simply want to tally up the food I ate at Disneyland and why I chose it (including yummy photos). The other part is to show that it’s possible to have delicious snacks while still staying a little bit economical while at a theme park. … Continue reading My Disneyland Food Strategy


Your First Time Visiting Mexico City

The whole time I was planning my trip to Mexico City, my dad kept referring to it as “Old Mexico.” Is that more of a 60s/70s era thing to say? In any case, Mexico City, the sprawling second-largest city in the Western Hemisphere (8.8 mil residents), is really heating up as a vacation destination. It was a lovely place to visit last December and I … Continue reading Your First Time Visiting Mexico City

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Free Downloadable Trip Planning Sheets

Do you ever get overwhelmed when planning a vacation or even just dreaming about upcoming trips? I certainly love having lots of options but narrowing it all down while the trip approaches is so important for me to focus my excitement and decide what is actually reasonable to fit in. Summer is coming, fast, which means you may have started thinking about summer vacation. It’s important to take advantage … Continue reading Free Downloadable Trip Planning Sheets

Explore the US with Southwest’s Destination Finder

I’ve recently been getting into the idea of earning airline miles towards travel. Now that I have a basic idea of how to make the system work, I feel good about my point accrual and upcoming possible free (!) trips. Before, I just used sites like Kayak to buy the cheapest ticket regardless of carrier. Now, the more I learn about loyalty programs, the more … Continue reading Explore the US with Southwest’s Destination Finder

7 Tips for Riding an Unfamiliar Metro (or Subway)

I’m from San Diego. We have a trolley but almost everybody drives everywhere. I grew up in Colorado, another car-based society. I am definitely not a mass transit native. The first time I rode the D.C. Metro during a family vacation at the age of 16 I was flabbergasted at how easy it was, and I felt so cosmopolitan riding the rails. I know that for people who … Continue reading 7 Tips for Riding an Unfamiliar Metro (or Subway)