Traveling Plans for 2018

Last year was a busy travel year for me. Perfect for a travel blogger, right? Well, yes! However I’m still catching up on organizing my photos and waiting to post some things from last year this spring (posting a botanical garden in February just doesn’t make sense). So much to write, so many photos to edit… and only so much time to do it! I … Continue reading Traveling Plans for 2018


Your First Time Visiting Paris

Paris tops many people’s list of favorite world cities, including mine. Lots of us have grown up seeing the City of Lights in movies and TV—okay—and in history class in school. Even if you aren’t a full-blown Francophile like me, I’m sure you will find the city’s ambiance lovely and the food, delicious. I’ve been a few times, and for this post I’ve worked hard … Continue reading Your First Time Visiting Paris

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Free Downloadable Trip Planning Sheets

Do you ever get overwhelmed when planning a vacation or even just dreaming about upcoming trips? I certainly love having lots of options but narrowing it all down while the trip approaches is so important for me to focus my excitement and decide what is actually reasonable to fit in. Summer is coming, fast, which means you may have started thinking about summer vacation. It’s important to take advantage … Continue reading Free Downloadable Trip Planning Sheets

Traveling Plans for 2017 (1)

Hey there! Last year was intense travel-wise that I thought this year was going to be so slow-paced in comparison. However as I’ve been putting in my PTO requests, it looks like my calendar is filling up quickly! The first half of the year is pretty booked up! Let’s take a peek at how I’m squeezing in travel around work… January I spent my time catching my … Continue reading Traveling Plans for 2017 (1)